Monday, 1 April 2013

The threads that bind

'Let go of the people who cause constant pain; let go of the negativity that colours a room more darkly then any coat of paint. Keep close the people you love, the ones who stay engaged and open to life, who bring joy and peace to the house and garden'.

I'm sooo excited! A teensy weensy display of sun flares and I'm dancing a jig.

This time last year I moved into my current house to make a fresh start.
The first few months were....tricky, to say the least.

The children and I survived a torturous journey worse then the most scary nightmare and then had to fight against the odds to belong in our new hostile surroundings.
Although far beyond the challenges we should have had to endure, we remained true to ourselves and positive and killed the negativity we faced with kindness.

Spring last year brought hostility and loneliness - this year it brings friendship and happiness :-)

I have been joined in my little community by a beautiful and honest family who share my vision, values and positivity. They are friends of old, yet bring with them new hope and new life.

Yesterday, said friends invited us over for Sunday lunch. Easter Sunday lunch. Not easy to prepare when you have five children three of which are under three years of age. What a treat!
I don't often cook roast dinners these days, the effort doesn't seem worth the mess and fiddling about that is involved. I did whip up a large trifle for dessert. Team work - true community spirit to which I am so grateful.

Following the meal we engaged in a discussion about gardening. These friends know all too well that I was born with green fingers and love nothing more then to wallow in beds of muck. They also know how upset I was when last year my circumstances didn't allow me to 'grow my own'. Before I know it I am being given permission to use their already prepared beds for the season.

I am thrilled!!!!

Last year I tried (very unsuccessfully) 'tub gardening'. The enthusiasm was there but I did embarrassingly badly. My garden is surrounded by trees and bushes, no sun = rubbish over damp soil and no crops.
This will be the first year I will have gardened (bed gardened) by myself, so although I have big hopes, I am going to work on  a small scale to ensure some success (I hope).
I am really excited about this (did I already say that?). My neighbours are too busy this year to run the patch themselves so this plan should work well for us all. I can do the main of the work and if my  lovely friends have a spare bit of time, then they can help should they desire. This is true community living!

'Quash negativity with kindness'

Now to plan what to plant and where to plant it :-)

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