Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Love actually.......

Love actually........

I've been flitting and fluttering all over the place recently, I think it's because it's February.....Signs of Spring are emerging, the birds are pairing off, valentines day reminders are everywhere. Last year being on my own for the first time in 19 years, I felt a bit glum during the build up to 14th, I was fine when I got to the actually day, but genuinely felt rather sickened by the whole 'love' thing. I hadn't given a thought to those who were single at that point, it really rubs your nose in the fact that you're ALONE. Well this year I have felt totally different, in fact I am quite frankly having a ball....I am embracing the whole 'love' thing, it's everywhere. I am surrounding myself at all angles with love, lovely people and lovely things. Get this guys....if you are single it doesn't have to be a glum time!
So how did this all start? Well for years I've been 'Romancing the ordinary'...I've said it a million times I'm sure, but if you don't have a copy of that book....well, you are really missing something. It really is inspiring. I can see the love in sooo many things now. I think I did before reading it to be honest, but devouring little snippets everyday just brings a sense of realisation to the forefront of my mind.
A couple of months back I had a moment of inspiration (do you recall me saying??), well, that moment carried me through all that time until now, it gave me a little creative project to focus on.
Here's my journey:-

I crocheted this rectangle, a little wobbly I know but it works!
I covered my polystyrene ring and sewed it on.
Makes a lovely pillow Mum!
I spent many hours sourcing and creating flowers, hearts and more hearts.....
And even more hearts.....

Isn't this cute!

You've got to have love birds......
Then I attached all the bits and.......

Ta dah!!! Do you like it? It's going on my front door, my love to you XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX     

......IS all around.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much. It was exciting to source and make, shall put it on my front door today :-) x

  2. Absolutely beautiful creation, and a thought provoking and 'lovable' post! Is it on your front door still?

    1. It certainly is must pop over and view it :-) xx