Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Embracing the change

'It is important that there is something sacred in the human life'....this is the quote on the Yogi tea bag I am just using.
I've just snuck in from the garden to indulge myself with a slice of delicious Green and Blacks chocolate that I have sneakily hidden at the side of the provisions cupboard. Could that be the sacred thing in my life? I think it's certainly one of them right now!
What a funny time of the year this is. I can honestly say I feel a little unsettled right now, it could be the fact that the Summer is at an end and Autumn is most definitely here (I feel quite in denial at that). It could be that I have a lot on at the moment, commitments with the children, deadlines to meet, snippets of work trickling in, home ed lessons to plan etc etc I'm not sure. Take today for instance, we were supposed to be going to London to visit the Museum of London to compliment our project on the history of Britain. I can honestly say that I have been stressing about this trip for the past couple of weeks. London just isn't the place for me. Don't get me wrong, I actually do like it when I get there but I feel completely the 'Country Mouse' when I go. It seems that everyone is in a rush and I am left dodging the traffic. With three children in tow, it's always quite stressful negotiating the tube and making sure that everything is just so. Anyway, as it happens, I couldn't find anyone to look after my little Jenny dog, and the thought of leaving the poor little hound at home all day alone and potentially crossing her legs if in need of a pee, was unthinkable. So first thing this morning I made the decision not to go. Then the phone rang and one of our lovely friends asked if Miss P would like to go with her. Miss P of course did want to go so a quick dash to the station and on the train she hopped. Another lovely friend was at the station too running his delightful coffee bar and he very kindly gave the little people an early morning hot choc.......Then what to do? A little old lady from our previous village had invited us over, we were going to cancel due to our trip to London, but as plans changed we were able to go ahead and visit. She suffers with a sore hip at the moment so an afternoon helping out fixing a drawer, tidying a cupboard and fixing the door handle followed, much to her delight! I do love the gratitude you get when you help someone out.
My life is never predictable!
This afternoon was spent in the garden. I chopped up the remaining wood (well some of it) and stacked it neatly in preparation of the Winter when we shall be lighting our lovely fire and then life in front of the hearth begins. I was holding out on the heating and fire lighting until 1st October, but that date has now passed and we are not too cold as yet, so shall keep things as they are and add extra layers until I can hold out no longer. The Winter is long and I do wish to feel the benefit of the heating when I shall need it most. I suspect this house is going to be some what chilly to say the least, but I am prepared, thermal vests and snugly blankets at the ready!

Whilst I was busy swinging the axe, the Little Lady took it upon herself to rescue the terracotta flower pots in firing range of my flying logs, and she set up her own so-say garden centre. What a shame no-one was around to visit. Small boy, pruned the bushes....huummmm!

We tried to light a bonfire with all the prunings from the weekend and as I came inside the flames were looking good billowing out of the top of my washing machine drum which I salvaged for a fire pit. However, it seems to have rapidly diminished since Small boy intervened, not sure what happened there, perhaps he dampened it in a boy sort of way!
I am very excited right now, my first ever magazine article is due to be published very soon. It's one of a series I have been asked to write for a natural parenting magazine called 'The Mother'. I stumbled upon this wonderful magazine/parenting companion when I was on holiday in Wales about eight years ago. It was around the time I was umming and arrhhhing about educating Miss P 'otherwise'. The articles are on the Montessori method and implimenting it at home. I've had to re-read through all of my books and notes which has been a really good exercise. Perhaps the cooler months and that time by the hearth can be my time to scribble away!
Check it out :-) Does that make me a writer? lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ed note: I've just pushed the button, it's freezing!!!


  1. yes I think that makes you a writer :)

    1. :-) Not sure how that happened, it wasn't intentional! x

  2. You make everything sound so magical and positive! You are such an amazing part of my life! It is true the London rat race is hard and leaves you with negativity and anx as you battle with cars and rudeness! I would give it up tomorrow to live in your world of discovery and adventure! You are such a talanted writer a feel a book a year in the country coming on! I dream of reading it to chill from the mad world I inhabit! Love you so much my talanted cous! Xxx

  3. Thank you Sarah that is lovely. You know you are the one who gives me the strength to continue as you always pick me up when I trip and fall. You are always welcome to share our world :-) xxx

  4. We're really looking forward to publishing it. Your article reminded me of my wonderful time working in Montessori schools and the beautiful environments they were for all concerned.

  5. Writing by the hearth....sounds like bliss! x