Sunday, 16 September 2012

Just get on with it......

Life has taken quite a turn for me of recent months being alone with three young children to care for and no 'soul mate' adult to share the workload and bounce ideas off, to talk things through with, or to give a cuddle to. Many things have needed to be done around the house that have been quite out of my comfort zone, they haven't been things I have ever thought of doing before. For example, I've had to clear my home and move to a smaller property which involved sorting through 'tool's' and deciding what I think I might need and what can be sold or given away, I've had to move big items by myself using sack trucks and trailers. Care of the lawn was never one of my jobs until now, then there's the DIY around the house, erecting shelves, painting etc etc. The washing machine broke down recently and refused to pump out water, the cigarette lighter on the car didn't work which meant I couldn't use my in-car charger to charge my phones whilst away and yesterday the bonnet catch on my little car had come off and needed fixing back on. Now in my previous life, I didn't have to deal with any of these things. My soul mate of 19 years did all of these things willingly as part of our unity together. But what happens when one of you is no longer there? In my case I simply don't have the money to be paying people to do these things for me and to rely on others makes you a) feel like a nag because you have to keep asking them to do the job and b) doesn't usually result in the job being done when you need it to be. So what do you do? Well part of me is often tempted to take a self pitying attitude and curl up and cry at the prospect and I have done just that on several occasions, but in all honesty that doesn't get the job done either. So I have taken the positive step to embrace each challenge as it comes my way and to just 'Get on with it myself'. Often this decision is no easy feat and can be quite a physical challenge, but I can tell you that the feeling of worth and achievement that you feel when your task is fulfilled is incredible.
So I do cut the lawn, I have single handedly moved my dishwasher and loaded it onto my trailer, learnt to hitch and tow the trailer (working on reversing it!), learnt to use a drill and to put up shelves, changed a fuse on the car, fixed the washing machine, decorated a room and learnt to chop wood.
Of course I do worry about becoming so ferociously independent that I shall remain single for the rest of my, I think that damsel is still in there when she needs to be!!!

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  1. I love your positive attitude and I'm sure your children must to, you're an inspiration. x