Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Don't forget to smell the flowers......

I remember a friend of mine saying this to me once when I expressed how busy I was at that time.
I have been really busy recently and this short saying is constantly running through my mind.
I only noticed the Magnolia trees in bud just two weeks ago, for the first time this Spring. Usually I am aware of their beautiful buds ready and waiting to burst into flowers for weeks before they actually burst, this year it seems to have happened so quickly and already the pretty petals are falling and the bright green leaves are taking their place.
I spent so much time waiting through the long Winter for Spring to come and suddenly I feel I have been so caught up in my waiting that I have almost missed the events that amaze me every year.
Why I wonder is life like that? One minute you seem to have endless hours on your hands and nothing to fill them and at other times you are so busy that there don't seem to be enough hours in the day!
Time to slow down and enjoy the scent of those beautiful flowers, the sound of the birds calling, the lengthening days and the warm sunshine against my skin.
Don't forget to smell those beautiful flowers xxx

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  1. I'm smelling the lilac in my garden and loving the green-ness around the blooms.